BeBalkan: Seminar and Tourism Center

Located at the picturesque edge of Raduil village, beneath the towering Musala Peak and at the confluence of the Maritsa and Ibar rivers, BeBalkan serves as an idyllic seminar and tourism center. Our facilities are perfectly suited for a wide range of seminars, including yoga, art, group dynamics, dance, and music. We offer week-long packages tailored for groups eager to blend immersive seminars with the exploration of Bulgaria’s vibrant culture and the stunning landscapes of the Rila Mountains.

BeBalkan is the brainchild of Zeev Ben Arie, an esteemed religious scholar from Israel with a Ph.D. who also runs an Israeli tour company specializing in Balkan tours. Our collaboration extends to Actiano Tours from Bulgaria, providing exciting biking, jeep, and trekking tours in the region, as well as partnerships with Asen Marinov music group and local singing and dance groups for enriching cultural and folklore activities. Additionally, our center boasts the Elenite Restaurant and Guesthouse, offering delightful culinary experiences and comfortable accommodations.

room 4 Bebalkan


3 two-room apartments

room-3 Bebalkan


11 double rooms with toilet

garden Bebalkan Pergula


with sitting places

Bebalkan Dining place



kitchen Bebalkan


30 sq.m. kitchen and dining hall for self-use

basement bebalkan


60 sq.m. size & other halls nearby

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Other Facilities

Picnic & workshop place near the river

Small pool and gym


Washing machine

Air-condition in some of the rooms (not needed)

Central heating