The itinerary is flexible and can be customized to meet your preferences and requirements. Our vision is to provide a balanced experience with half-day seminars on various topics and half-day tours and activities in the surrounding area.

7 days

up to 30 people

BeBalkan is a premier seminar and tourism center, situated on the outskirts of Raduil village, nestled below the Musala Peak and at the confluence of the Maritsa and Ibar rivers. This location is perfect for hosting seminars on yoga, art, group dynamics, dance, music, and more. We specialize in week-long packages for groups interested in blending insightful seminars with the exploration of Bulgaria’s vibrant culture and the stunning scenery of the Rila Mountains.

Our center is conveniently located at the village’s edge, just a hundred meters from the river and close to the fields and forests. Raduil offers a tranquil and authentic atmosphere, alive with the charm of rural Bulgaria yet only 7 km from Borovets, one of the top ski resorts in Eastern Europe. It’s an ideal setting for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst picturesque Bulgarian landscapes.



per person

dining hall Bebalkan1

in a group of 6-10 people


per person

Hall in Bebalkan

in a group of 10-15 people


per person

bebalkan room 3

in a group of 15-24 people

*Supplement for a single person in room: 150€


Village life

Introductory Tour of the Picturesque Village of Raduil: Start your journey at the confluence of the two rivers – Maritsa and Ibar, a scenic spot where nature’s beauty unfolds. Explore hidden chapels nestled in the woods surrounding the village, offering a serene retreat into spirituality. Visit the local church and the heart of the village center, where the essence of Raduil’s community life can be experienced.

Afternoon Seminar: Engage in enriching discussions and learning experiences in our seminar tailored to your interests, fostering growth and inspiration in the peaceful ambiance of Raduil.

Bulgarian Dinner in Raduil: Conclude your day with a traditional Bulgarian dinner, savoring the authentic flavors of the region in the welcoming atmosphere of Raduil. This culinary experience promises a delightful exploration of local cuisine, marking the perfect end to a day of discovery and learning.

View of Iskar gorge


Ibar canyon and Bulgarian dance

Morning Seminar: Start your day with a morning seminar, designed to stimulate the mind and prepare you for the day’s adventures. This session offers a blend of learning and personal development in a supportive environment.

Afternoon Excursion to Ibar Canyon: In the afternoon, choose between a leisurely walk or an adventurous jeep ride to the stunning Ibar Canyon. This nearby natural wonder offers breathtaking views and a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Bulgarian landscape.

Evening Folklore Experience: As the day winds down, enjoy a performance by a local folklore group from the village. Embrace the opportunity to learn the basics of Bulgarian dance, including its unique rhythms and the communal joy of group and circle dances.

Bulgarian Dinner in Raduil: Conclude your day with a traditional Bulgarian dinner in Raduil. This meal provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on the day’s experiences while enjoying the local cuisine and hospitality.

Ibar Canyon


Maritsa canyon and mysterious places

Morning Seminar: Begin your day with an engaging morning seminar, offering a deep dive into a variety of topics designed to enrich your knowledge and spark inspiration.

Afternoon Exploration of Maritsa Canyon: Post-seminar, embark on a scenic walk to the Maritsa Canyon. Discover the enigmatic caves once inhabited by the Bogomils, and continue your journey to the deserted monastery, known as the ‘Miracle of the Lady of the Robe’, a site steeped in legend and beauty. The excursion concludes in the village center, allowing you to soak in the local atmosphere.

Bulgarian Dinner in Raduil: Wrap up your day with a delightful Bulgarian dinner in Raduil. This culinary experience offers a taste of traditional Bulgarian dishes in a warm, communal setting, perfect for reflecting on the day’s adventures and cultural discoveries.

Dancing Raduil


Black rock, woods and singing Baba’s

Morning Seminar: Kick off your day with a morning seminar, designed to engage and enlighten you with insightful discussions and interactive learning experiences.

Afternoon Adventure to Black Rock: After the seminar, we’ll set off on a drive and hike towards the Black Rock, situated on the slopes of Mount Musala, the tallest peak in the Balkans. Along the way, immerse yourself in the beauty of the dense woods, where we’ll introduce you to the local flora and, if we’re lucky, spot some of the region’s wild mushrooms.

Bulgarian Dinner in Raduil: End your day with a traditional Bulgarian dinner in Raduil, enhanced by the heartfelt singing of the local baba’s (grandmothers). This unique cultural experience promises not only a feast for the taste buds but also a delightful immersion into Bulgarian folk traditions.

Ibar mountain


Musala mountain and lakes

Morning Seminar: Start your day with an enriching morning seminar, designed to provide insights and foster personal growth through engaging discussions and interactive activities.

Afternoon Journey to Musala Mountain: Post-seminar, we’ll embark on an exciting trip via the funicular from Borovets to Musala Mountain. Enjoy a scenic walk to the lakes nestled just below the summit, where you’ll experience the exhilarating feeling of standing atop the highest point in the Balkans.

Bulgarian Dinner in Raduil: Conclude your day with a traditional Bulgarian dinner in Raduil, offering a warm, communal atmosphere to share experiences and savor the local cuisine.


Waterfall and hot springs

Morning Seminar: Begin another day with a stimulating morning seminar, where you’ll dive deeper into various topics, enhancing your knowledge and encouraging personal reflection.

Afternoon Excursion to Kostenets Waterfall and Dolna Banya: After the seminar, we’ll venture out to witness the breathtaking beauty of Kostenets Waterfall, renowned as the most stunning waterfall in the Rila Mountains. Following this natural spectacle, we’ll proceed to a hot spring pool in Dolna Banya for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, allowing us to unwind in the warmth of nature’s own spa.

Bulgarian Dinner in Raduil



Morning Seminar: Begin another day with a stimulating morning seminar, where you’ll dive deeper into various topics, enhancing your knowledge and encouraging personal reflection.

Excursion to Sofia: In the afternoon, we’ll journey to Sofia, the vibrant capital of Bulgaria. Enjoy a brief city tour, taking in the rich history and architectural beauty of the city, with an opportunity for some shopping if desired. This excursion provides a perfect blend of cultural immersion and leisure, making for an unforgettable experience.

The itinerary can be changed according to your wishes and needs.

  • Transportation services, including pickup from and departure to Sofia Airport.
  • Services of a proficient English-speaking Bulgarian guide, potentially from the Asen Marinov Music Group, if available.
  • Use of a minibus or minivan for the duration of the trip.
  • A folklore activity in the village, offering a glimpse into local traditions.
  • Six nights’ accommodation at the BeBalkan Guesthouse.
  • One cable car ride, providing stunning aerial views of the landscape.
  • Access to hot springs, allowing for a relaxing and therapeutic experience.
  • Entry fees to all included attractions and sites.
  • Full board catering, including packed lunches for day excursions.

This comprehensive package is designed to ensure a comfortable, enriching, and hassle-free experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the region.

The price does not include: Flights; Drinks other than water at meals; Mandatory medical insurance; Everything else that is not included