Choir Tour Proposal

Bulgaria boasts a vibrant musical heritage, and this unique choir tour is designed specifically for choirs eager to immerse themselves in a week of exploring Balkan music, singing traditions, and participating in local festivals. This journey offers an in-depth look into Bulgaria’s exquisite traditions of vocal and instrumental music, folklore, and the natural beauty of its landscapes, complemented by experiences of local wine and dance.

Traveling through the picturesque mountainous regions, participants will stay in authentic village guesthouses, providing a genuine taste of Bulgarian hospitality. Accompanied by a skilled musician, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in local festivals and cultural events, fostering exchanges with various choirs and bands encountered along the way. Each day promises a new interaction with different groups, showcasing a diverse array of styles and compositions that celebrate the rich tapestry of authentic Bulgarian singing.

7 days

up to 30 people

rose valley festival 3

Embark on a unique choir tour through Bulgaria, a country celebrated for its profound musical heritage. This journey offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into Bulgaria’s exquisite traditions of singing and music, enriched by the country’s folklore, breathtaking natural landscapes, local wines, and vibrant dancing. As we traverse the scenic mountainous regions, staying in authentic village guesthouses, you’ll experience the true essence of Bulgaria, capturing its beauty before it transforms with time.

Each day brings a new encounter with local singing groups, showcasing a spectrum of styles and compositions. You’ll be immersed in the authentic Bulgarian singing tradition, including performances by village grandmothers who master the “Bulgarian voice” technique—a unique throat singing tradition you’ll have the chance to learn. The tour features a diverse lineup, from female and male ensembles to polyphonic singing from Macedonia and the distinctive rhythms native to the Sofia area.

This tour’s distinction lies in its curation by three renowned experts: Uri Hartman, a veteran producer of the Israeli Opera; Asen Marinov, a leading Bulgarian guitarist and the frontman of a celebrated world music group; and Zeev Ben-Arie, a Balkans and world cultures specialist with a Ph.D. This experience is tailored for choirs looking to explore together, immerse in local musical traditions, and participate in cultural and musical events, including local festivals when possible.

Accompanied throughout by a local musician, this flexible itinerary ensures a personalized and enriching experience, adaptable to the specific interests and needs of your group.



per person

Babas singing in Rila

in a group of 6-10 people


per person

in a group of 10-15 people


per person

in a group of 15-24 people

*Supplement for a single person in room: 150€


Mount Musala and the Ibaski Baba’s

We Start our journey in in Sofia, then drive to the Balkans’ highest mountain. Enjoy the views from a cable car and a nature walk to the alpine lakes below Mount Musala’s summit. Descend and head to Raduil, staying at Bebalkan Guesthouse (hotel option available). Evening meet-up with the award-winning local choir, the Ibarski Baba’s.

music Instruments Rila


Singing grandfathers, Lakes and Rivers

Morning visit to Iskar Gorge, walking the wooden bridges trail. Noon encounter with singing grandfathers in Beli Iskar. Afternoon trip to Samokov and Iskar Lake. Evening Bulgarian dance experience in Raduil.

Singing Babas Raduil


Cultural events in sofia

Morning trip to Sofia for art galleries, the historical museum by Mount Vitosha, Alexander Nevsky and Sveti Nadla churches, and Vitosha pedestrian street. Evening participation in a cultural event. Night in Raduil.

Bulgarian Babas singing


Bansko Macedonian Singing and Rila Monastery

We will visit Rila Monastery and explore the surrounding valley. Continue to Bansko, a hub for Macedonian music, meet a local musical group, and enjoy cultural events (if available). Overnight in Bansko.


Rhodope Mountains

We will drive to Lake Dospat and visit Trigard Canyon, including the Devil’s Throat Cave. Dinner in Trigrad with a local singing group. Overnight in Trigrad.


Bagpipe in shiroka Luka

We will visit Shiroka Luka, meet a bagpipe maker and musicians. Continue to Devin canyon and possibly Yagodina canyon. Return to Trigrad.



We will drive through mountain roads to Batak Lake and Velingrad. Return to Sofia for a performance by the Asen Marinov combination and end the evening in a Sofia jazz club.

Customization and Pricing

The itinerary is customizable to align with your preferences, including local festivals based on dates.


  • Transportation.
  • 6 nights in quality local guesthouses.
  • Half board and 6 performances by local groups.
  • Services of an English-speaking Bulgarian guide and musicians from the Asen Marinov Music Group.
  • One cable car ride, entry fees, and one cultural event.

Not Included:

  • Flights.
  • Beverages other than water at meals.
  • Lunches.
  • Mandatory medical insurance.
  • Any items not explicitly mentioned as included.