Package includes: Diverse activities, easy treks in the mountains, cable cars, hot springs, lakes and rivers, local cooking, exposure to Bulgarian culture, folklore, dance and music.

The village of Raduil is only 1 hour from Sofia airport at the foot of the highest mountain in the Balkan. the Itinerary includes visiting beautiful places in the forests, rivers, lakes and nature of the rila mountains, staying in an authentic village and mixing with the locals, a taste of real Bulgaria

7 days

6 to 24 people

Suitable for: families, friends, groups, initiatives, institutes, workplaces

sunshine from Bebalkan

Beblkan is a seminar and Tourism Center, Located at the edge of the village Raduil. Below the Musala peak, at the confluence of the rivers Maritsa and Ibar. Our place is ideal for Seminars of Yoga, art, group dynamics, dance, music and more. We offer packages of a week to groups of people who are interested in combining a Seminar with Exploration of real life of Bulgaria and the beauty of the Rila mountains.

The house is at the edge of the village, a hundred meters from the river, two houses from the fields and forests. Raduil is a charming village, quiet and close to nature, authentic and alive, located only 7 km from the ski resort of Borovets, which is considered one of the best in Eastern Europe. Rural, pleasant and picturesque Bulgaria.



per person

another room in Bebalkan

in a group of 6-10 people


per person

in a group of 10-15 people


per person

in a group of 15-24 people

*Supplement for a single person in room 150€

Bebalkan from far


Raduil village and Ibar canyon

Introductory tour of the beautiful village Raduil: meeting place of the 2 rivers – Maritsa and Ibar, hidden chapels in the woods around the village, mysterious monastery – miracle of the lady of the robe. we will walk or go with the jeeps to the nearby beautiful Ibar canyon nearby.

Bulgarian dinner in Raduil


Mount Musala and Bulgarian Dance

Towering above the village of Raduil is mount Musala, the highest mountain in the Balkans. We will take the cable car from Borovets to a height of 2300 meters and walk to the alpine lakes below the summit, a short and not too difficult walk. We will be back in Raduil in the afternoon and see the houses and church in the village center, and possibly meet with some interesting people.

in the evening we will be entertained by village dance group, and learn first steps in Bulgarian dance, the unusual rhythms, group and circle dances.

Bulgarian dinner in Raduil

Ibar mountain hut


Malovitsa hut and Beli Iskar canyon

In the Rila mountains there are three main sites, one of them is the valley of Malovitsa, we will go on a hike along the river to Malovitsa hut below the mighty cliffs. In the afternoon we will visit the deepest canyon valley in Bulgaria – Beli Iskar, walking the eco trail bridges over the river.

Bulgarian dinner in Raduil

pool Dolna Banya


Hot spring waterfall and Babas

In the morning we will visit one of the most spectacular places in the rila mountain – Kostenets waterfall, it is possible to do a short hike up the canyon (1 hour) up to the eagle nesting watching place. From the waterfall we will continue to the hot springs water pool in Dolna Banya. Enjoy a swim, and in the afternoon we will walk the path of the Maritsa river near Raduil

Bulgarian dinner in Raduil with the Ibarski Babas, singing group from the village


Swim in the lake and a bit of History

In the morning we will go to lake iskar, it is possible to swim in the beautiful beaches or paddle a boat. Not far from the lake is the historical town of Samokov, we will visit a museum house – bet arie, see the old synagogue and beautiful mosque, the municipal museum, and some ancient and interesting monasteries. From Samokov we will continue to Tsari Mali Grad fortress, a Roman Fortress that was Restored as a tourist attraction, with cable, ancient church, rope adventure park, museum rooms and exhibitions of middle age and roman times.


Seven Lakes

In this day We will go to the Seven Lakes area, considered to be the most beautiful place in the Rila Mountains. The White Brotherhood gathers here for their annual meeting in August. We will walk through five of the lakes in a circular route, each of them has a different energy and beauty, a different color. After that we will return to Raduil.

Bulgarian dinner in Raduil

Singing Babas Raduil


Rila monastery and Sofia

In the morning we will drive to the Rila Monastery, the most beautiful and holy site in Bulgaria, situated in a hidden valley between skyrocketing mountains, it is the biggest Bulgarian monastery and the most important with many works of art, beautiful wood carving and wall painting, In the afternoon we will arrive in Sofia for a short city tour of the city that includes the churches, underground Roman city and, if possible, the synagogue and one of the history or art museums.

The itinerary can be changed according to your wishes and needs.

The price includes: pickup from Sofia airport and departure; Good English speaking Bulgarian guide; (If possible from Asen Marinoiv group); minibus or minivan for the whole trip; Folklore activity in the village; 6 nights in Bebalkan guesthouse; Two cable cars; hot Springs; entry fees; Full board (packed lunches)

The price does not include: Flights; Drinks other than water at meals; Mandatory medical insurance; Everything else that is not included