Raduil is a small and beautiful village at the foot of the Rila Mountains. the village offers ethnographic and folkloristic activities: a wood carving workshop, a Bulgarian cooking workshop, gathering medicinal herbs with the grandmothers, performances by local groups in ethnic singing and dancing. Meetings with like-minded people who will tell about the essence of Bulgarian way of life.

The village is at the meeting place of two rivers coming down from the rila mountains – the Maritsa and the Ibar, There are ecotrails inside and going out of the village following the river canyons. Other trails lead to the forests and mountains nearby. Around the village there are 13 beautiful Christian chapels hidden in nature and inside the village there is a special ancient church and a new decorated church.

The village has a grocery, different stores, a cafe, a restaurant, many artists, intellectuals, and also some guest houses. In the nearby towns and villages you will find ostrich farm, pools of mineral water, historical places to visit, cafes and shopping stalls, nature trails, waterfalls and gardens. The ski resort of Borovets is only 10 minutes away.

The Village of Raduil


We offer packages of a week to groups of people who are interested in combining a Seminar with Exploration of real life of Bulgaria and the beauty of the Rila mountains.

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Kukeri Festival

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