Day tours from Raduil


Musala peak


10 minutes’ drive from raduil is the ski resort of Borovets, from there we will take the cable car to the top station at an altitude of 2300 meters, (the cable car takes 15 minutes in closed carriages), there is a wonderful view and several restaurants, cafes, around and you can spend some time enjoying the beautiful scenery and feeling on
the top of the World”. An easy dirt road of 4 km will take you to the lakes below the summit, those who are in good shape can climb to the summit which is the highest in the Balkan.

There are days that the cable car does not work, you should find out, usually Monday and Tuesday


Beli iskar canyon


30 minutes’ drive from raduil one enters the beautiful canyon of the iskar river which is the deepest in Bulgaria. You will find there an Eco trail of 10 kilometers that criss crosses the river in a series of bridges. you can walk as much as you want, the route is close to the road, so you can join it anywhere and leave wherever and whenever you want.


Seven Lakes


One hour away from Raduil is the cable car to the Seven lakes. It is an open cable car that takes around 20 minutes and brings you to a mountain hut at an altitude of 2100 meters, from there is a walking route of 8 km going between the lower 5 lakes, it is not an easy walk, since there is a climb of about 200 meters’ difference in height. The route goes first to the fifth lake, and from there you can go down through the fourth, third and second lakes, from which there is a shortcut to the cabin. It can also be done the other way around, but it’s hard to find the way.

The Seven Lakes walk takes all day, but if you have time, you can go down to the town of Sapareva Banya (15 minutes from the lower cable car), where there are pools with hot mineral water, a spa center, and the only geyser in the Balkans in a public park.


Belmeken lake and yandula market


One hour away from Raduil, at an altitude of 1900 meter, is the beautiful and surprising Belmeken lake; located in the eastern Rila Mountains. The road there is very beautiful, even though it’s in a poor condition. There is a beautiful and easy walk in a dirt road from one side of the lake to the other along its eastern shores. Several hiking trails lead out from the lake to the mountains surrounding it, and there is a sports center and several restaurants next to the dam making the lake on the northern side. Twenty minutes from the lake the landscape changes and you enter the Rhodope Mountains, at the Yandul intersection there is a rich and interesting market of medicinal herbs and from there you can return to Raduil.



To be continued