Seaside mountains and temples


The Strandja Mountains   In the southeast of Bulgaria, on the border of European Turkey, are the remote and mysterious mountains in Bulgaria characterized by a mystical atmosphere. This is [...]

The caves in Bulgaria


Magura Cave Near Belogracik there is a large and beautiful stalactite cave called Magura. The place is a very impressive world heritage site. The importance of the cave is in [...]

Balkan mountain (Old mountain)


Balkan Mountains   The Balkan Mountains are the backbone of Bulgaria and the longest ridge in the Balkans. They stretch over nearly 600 km from the Varna region to the [...]

Mighty Pirin mountains


Pirin Mountains   The Pirin Mountains are high and dramatic mountains in the southwest of the country, rising to a height of up to 3,000 meters, in the north of [...]

The village of Raduil


  The valley of Kostenetz is on the eastern side of the Rila mountains, not far from the ski resort of Borovets. In contrast to the valley of Maliovitsa on [...]

The mystic Rhodope mountains


Rhodope Mountains  The Rhodope Mountains cover a large area, approaching 15,000 square kilometers (for comparison, the area of ​​the State of Israel before 1967 was about 20,000 square kilometers), and [...]



Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, home to nearly half a million people and it sits in an excellent location in the heart of the fertile Thracian plain [...]

Sophia churches


Sophia churches  The places where you can find an authentic exposure to the culture, art, history, nationalism and Christianity of Bulgaria are the monasteries and churches. This chapter will be [...]