Ottoman Occupation and Independence


Bulgaria under Ottoman rule In the 11th century, the Turkish tribes migrated to the Anatolian peninsula, defeated the Byzantines in the Battle of Manzikat (1071), and established small kingdoms throughout [...]

Thracian History and Spirituality


The Thracians According to the currently accepted opinion (although some dispute it) the Thracian tribes arrived in the Balkans during the great migrations of the Indo-European people 3,000-4,000 years ago, [...]

Ancient Goddess Culture in Bulgaria


"The Agricultural Revolution" The "agricultural revolution" is the name given to the process of transition from living in caves in tribes to living in houses and villages, from relying on [...]

Bulgarian Church art and Monasteries


Christian Art in churches and Monasteries One of Bulgaria's hidden treasures is its artistic heritage. Already in the 13th-12th centuries, the Palaeologian Renaissance appears in Bulgaria, called the Renaissance before [...]

Christian Bulgaria Articles and Route


Introduction to Christian Bulgaria Christianity in the Balkans is linked to nationalism and the preservation of local culture, traditions and Folklore. This is Christianity with unique characteristics that make it [...]